Monday, 31 December 2012

Bhandardara Rocks

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" so said Edmund Hillary.

I was near Mt Kalasubai in Sahyadris which is less than a fifth as tall as Mt Everest. But to be moving around this part of Sahyadri ranges was no less exciting. Like snow-white Himalayas, Sahyadris too have their beauty in their black volcanic rock. Below in the center is Mt Kalasubai, the highest peak of Sahydris in Maharashtra, about 1600 Meters.

Major part of our days were spent driving around among these hills. Roads were not too good but that allowed the driver to enjoy the ride as well as the surroundings.

And following sight which we passed often during those 3 days reminded me of the Mount Rushmore in the USA which I am yet to visit :

The mornings normally began watching sunrises behind some hills ...

And the evenings, sunsets ...

Even these rocks in Pravara river were very picturesque and photogenic:

and here is oft seen village scene :

The tourists visiting on a leisure from Mumbai, Pune usually prefer staying in the resorts which are closer to the lake and are about 10 km away from Bhandardara and Shendi towns. These towns cozily nestled in the valleys with their tiled roofed houses gives them a very text-book looks.

And I did not expect this photo opportunity that fell in my lap while driving through the hills on one of the days. We were still a day or two away from the full-moon-day.

An event we were least expecting on one of the evenings was the sight of thousands of bats flying above Sahyadris in a distance just after the sun set. For a small story on this event, please read my other blog :

And lastly the Shiva temple in the village of Amruteshwar about 22 Kms away which is said to have been built during Pandava's exile in this part of India.

Amruteshwar temple
Randha Waterfall

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